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"Last Act Theatre Company in partnership with the Austin Jewish Repertory Theatre have an entertaining and likable show highlighting the cultural and racial divide present throughout America, and what it takes to eventually get along and accept one another."

-Amy Bradley, Broadway World

Peer Gynt

“Ibsen’s epic is not an easy one to work with, and the production manages to entertain through the strength of its performers and the work of its adaptor and director.”
-Jeff Davis, Broadway World

Stalking John Barrowman

“This musical show beats the pants off the boring, predictable songs of love and loss, triumph and pain almost every other modern musical tries to write and perform and launch to iconic status."-Michael Meigs, CTXLT


Lender is the Night

“As is the case with most parodies, it takes a talented cast to sell the ridiculousness of the story, the characters, and the dialogue, and the cast of Lender is the Night does it easily."-Jeff Davis, Broadway World


“With its incredibly strong text and equally strong performances, Mocha is a poignant drama that doesn't come along too often. Shows designed to make you think are rarely this successful or honest.”-Jeff Davis, Broadway World

Nursery Crimes

“Nursery Crimes is completely entertaining and aesthetically beautiful. Mamma Goose should show her gritty femme fatale side more often.”-Jeff Davis, Broadway World

The Sniper's Nest

“This staging directed by Elizabeth V. Newman is dark and powerful, entirely in keeping with the subject matter, and the two actors, both new to me, make the fable thrilling and convincing.”
-Michael Meigs, CTXLT

Doctor Faustus

“While the Last Act Theatre’s production may be a bit more modern and edgy than one may expect with an Elizabethan classic, it’s just what the doctor ordered.”
-Jeff Davis, Broadway World

The Happy Couple

“This Last Act Theatre show depicts a couple's nice life unraveling with equal parts tension and release.”-Jillian Owens, The Austin Chronicle

Love in Pine

"Mr. Jaffe and everyone at Last Act Theatre Co. are young, not long past their own proms, and the commitment with which they staged Love in Pine makes the production look like their collective love letter to the world.”
-Theatre Night with Dr. Dave

Conscious Hesitatus

Conscience Hesitatus is the story of Will Davenport, a county correctional officer. One day, he is mysteriously called home from work. He rushes home to find his wife, Janet, having a breakdown and his children in danger. 

Upon a Midnight Dreary

“Let's welcome the Last Act Theatre Company and express our satisfaction that Upon A Midnight Dreary is not their last act in Austin.”  -Michael Meigs, CTXLT

Titus Andronicus

“Here’s your Halloween holiday treat, Austin. Come and get it!” -Michael Meigs, Austin Live Theatre

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