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The Adventures of Mrs Claus

...but the treacherous Xur continues to evade the clutches of Star League. (rustles paper) Coming up, we have Chef Kanamit with some fun recipes to serve man for Korbitzafalurian Day festivities, but first, we have reports of activity stemming from the northernmost tip of the Terran planet Earth. This can only mean one thing: the return of galactic guardian and planetary paladin Mrs. Claus, in a brand new auditory adventure.


Titled “The War on Father Christmas: A Mrs. Claus Story,” this live-action radio play trades in last year’s galaxy-traversing space romp for a story of intrigue, betrayal, baked goods, and elf-preservation, all taking place within the confines of the North Pole. Mrs. Claus, Lyric, and Kuma all return to face off against a powerful foe from their past. Don’t miss this latest exploit, all put to a live soundtrack of fantastic foley work.


Again produced by the federated consortium of Last Act Theatre Company just in time for the earth holiday Christmas, ‘The War on Father Christmas: a Mrs. Claus Story,’ is coming very soon to all matter of sentient earholes. Go to hoo-mon internet site for more information on how to spin this cosmic yarn, or to listen to the previous cycle’s epic saga.

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